Awards & Talks

  • A "Special Person" award at the Let's Do It, Romania! 2011 gala for my contribution to the project
  • A talk "Group Monitoring in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks" at DCOSS'11
  • Best paper award for "Is There Light at the Ends of the Tunnel?..." at IPSN'11
  • A tutorial "TeenyLime: Data Sharing Abstractions for Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks" at EWSN'11
  • A talk "DiCE - A Distributed Approach to Monitoring Global Properties in Wireless Sensor Networks" at the SENIOT summer school in 2009 organized by the CONET Network of Excellence
  • Best paper award for "Monitoring heritage buildings with wireless sensor network"' at IPSN'09
  • "Windows Embedded Student Challenge Finalist" in 2005 at Microsoft in Redmond, USA
  • Romanian Physics National Olympics 3rd Prize in 2001 (overall, the 9th position in my year of study)